What Is SEO?


What Exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

For the many new online business owners today, there is one common question that they all seem to ask - what is SEO? SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a means of making your website and content pages far more visible by search engines, and when used in conjunction with keywords or key phrases can afford your site or pages a very high ranking in the search engine results pages.

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With Google currently owning more than half the market of all searches, online business owners strive to optimize their sites with proper toolsets that bring in quality traffic and rank them among the top Google results pages. By doing so, online business owners will reap the rewards of their efforts, and get the ultimate return on their investment.

More About SEO

Whether you choose to hire professional consultants to perform your SEO, or you elect to do it yourself, it is important to recognize that accomplishing this task requires a great deal of consistent and continuous work. A great deal of time needs to be dedicated to developing a full understanding of people and their individual wants and needs, as well as an understanding of search engines and tool-sets.

Implementing successful SEO can indeed be a full-time task depending upon your individual website and your specific niche, and certainly requires the development and implementation of a long-term content and link connection strategy. Utilizing eye-catching and appropriate titles as well as meta descriptions on each of your pages is beneficial to your SEO along with your ability to perform competitive analyses and keyword or key phrase research.

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The very first step of a successful SEO is conducting a detailed competitive analysis by searching in Google with a key term related to your niche or field, and taking note of the first two-four websites that appear on the first page of your Google search results. Those websites that appear at the top of the search results page are your biggest competitors and indeed the ones you want to be able to beat out, especially since coming up in the top ten Google search results will increase traffic significantly to your individual website.

Your second primary focus should be on creating a quick-loading website that is both search-engine friendly and user friendly, and emphasizes exactly what your site is all about, including informative content about your business services and/or products. You want to ensure that your site consists of easy navigation, informative content, and a precise call to action. In addition, it is imperative to include relevant content pages and a variety of links that are attention getting and valuable to your site visitors and potential customers, and will entice return visits to your site time and time again.


SEO is by far one of the most powerful and successful marketing tools available in the industry today. The understanding and use of SEO, along with its proper implementation, can enable your website to be found quickly and easily by searchers amongst the billions of already existing web pages, and can greatly contribute to your website being highly ranked and easily accessible to millions of internet users.

With the proper use of keywords and key phrases (not overstuffing by any means), online business owners can find themselves, over time, ranked at the top of Google searches and reap the rewards of increased traffic to their sites.

Truly, this increased traffic will ultimately lead to increased sales by way of this extraordinary powerful marketing tool, and is sure to present with a successful highly ranked online business website.

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