Local Business Marketing

Local Business Internet Marketing

Most business owners recognize that local marketing is far more important to their small businesses than has ever been the case before.  Seeking out methods and techniques for improving your local marketing and outreach in order to more effectively and consistently connect with your local community is important and definitely instrumental in the overall success of your small business.

Marketing in today’s World

In today’s world, there is a tremendous rise in the use of mobile devices for performing searches and specifically for performing local searches.  People tend to quick grab their mobile device when out and about and in search of something in the immediate area and thus are performing more and more mobile local searches these days.  People are consistently performing searches that are specific to their current location and are often dependent upon this information at great levels.

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Statistics tell us that mobile local searches now exceed those of desktop local searches which means it is more important now for businesses to be able to connect with the millions of consumers on the go every day.  With this capability comes the simple fact that consumers will then tend to shop more locally if they can quickly and easily find the information needed for their local businesses. 

With that said, it only makes sense for businesses to take advantage of local marketing techniques and opportunities in their dedicated efforts to grow their businesses and increase their customer database. 

Let Our Experienced Techs Help with your Local Marketing

Nowadays 4 out of 5 consumers seeking local information use search engines to accomplish the task.  More than 50% of these consumers are using their smartphones to perform the searches during the normal business hours of their favourite local businesses.  Such common searches as directions to a local establishment, addresses, phone numbers, and even seeking out specific products or services offered by local companies are being performed more and more every day.  Here at ShootScope we understand the importance and value of Local Marketing especially since statistics reveal that nearly half of all consumers that conduct a local search on their mobile device will turn around and visit the local store that day or within a couple of days thereafter. 

In addition, a good majority of local searches performed lead to some type of a purchase in a local store.  With these statistics in hand, it is important for small businesses to incorporate local marketing into their marketing strategies.  We here at ShootScope can help you to accomplish that and to enjoy an increase in searches and overall sales as a result of your local marketing efforts. 

Our experienced techs will work alongside you to enhance your local marketing ideas and techniques.  To begin with we recommend our clients sign up for Google My Business which is a sure fire way of making certain that your business shows up on local searches.  In addition, we will help get your business signed up on Yahoo Local Works, an effective service that lists your business across a wide range of sites and local directories such as Bing, MapQuest, and Yelp just to name a few. 

Finally, we will local optimize your site so that is easily accessible and user friendly to consumers by putting your company name, address, and phone number, in an easily accessible spot on your site using an attractive, big and easy to read font so people can instantly find the information they are looking for.  In addition, we will design and implement a mobile-optimized site for your small business. 

Local Searches and Mobile-Optimized Sites are on the Rise

Without a doubt, consumers are using local searches more and more to find all sorts of information about businesses of interest.  Whether looking for an address, directions to the store, hours of operation, a phone number, or even the availability of products, consumers are becoming more and more dependent upon local marketing and local businesses.  For this reason alone, all businesses, especially small and even mid-sized businesses should have some form of productive and effective local marketing in place. 

Surveys have revealed that many businesses are losing substantial sales dollars every year simply because they do not have local marketing capabilities, nor a mobile-optimized site for their business.  Today, consumers want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily and purchase just as quickly and easily from their smartphones, which is why it is imperative for all small businesses to have a mobile-optimized site and local marketing strategies.

If you are ready to improve your company’s visibility, increase your sales leads and overall sales, and grow your business, then reach out to the pros here at ShootScope to get your small business working with local marketing and all the extra perks.  Though local marketing is much more than just technology, let’s face it, technology plays an important role in the success of any business and in the proper implementation of successful local marketing for sure.