Google Maps Marketing

Google 3 Map Pack Marketing

Small business owners today are quickly understanding the importance of using Google Maps Marketing since it has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient methods for generating sales leads online and ultimately increasing your overall company sales.  If, for any reason, you are not aware of the benefits of Google Maps Marketing or are unable to implement the marketing techniques into your online marketing strategies, then don’t fret.

picture of how the google 3 pack looks

ShootScope for all Your Marketing Needs

Here at ShootScope we are trained and equipped to provide all our valued clients with a wide range of marketing techniques and strategies.  Our highly skilled technicians have advanced training in Google Maps Marketing techniques and procedures for small online businesses.  Recognizing the importance of marketing as a whole, we here at ShootScope are committed and dedicated to providing all our clients with the support, know how, and technique needed to generate sales leads and increase the overall sales of their online business. 

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is simply a ‘map’ that appears below any search term that internet users input containing a local component such as “dental offices Liverpool”.  Below the paid search listing for this search term will appear a map and an A-G list of businesses that contain the business name and phone number.  (This listing is referred to as the ‘Google 3 Pack’).  Each of the companies that appear in this 3 Pack A-G list will be shown on the map with a correspondence to their A-G position. 

When the internet user chooses one of the A-G companies listed they will then be directed out to a separate new search page.  This new page will display additional information about the business, such as directions to the business, its full address, hours of operation, a variety of quick links and be directed to the business website as well. 

Because of all the informative and important information that is displayed and comes available to the internet searcher, Google Maps has become one of the most favoured and effective types of online marketing strategies.  Many small business owners use this effective tool, Google Maps, to find and get in touch with businesses of all sizes and types. 

Getting your Business into the Google 3 Pack

There are a handful of productive techniques that we here at ShootScope can implement for your small business in order to help get your company listed in the Google Map Pack.  There is certainly no perfect, sure fire way of confirming that this will happen, but there are certainly a few actions we can take to increase your company’s overall chances of making the list.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Maps Marketing or in having our highly trained and experienced marketing technicians assist your company in showing up in the Google Map Pack, then give a shout out to our superior team today.  What are you waiting for?  Being a part of this exclusive Pack is top of the line for every online business.