Does SEO Really Work?

Is Search Engine Optimization Really Effective?

Following the numerous algorithm updates from search engines, many people are wondering whether it is still viable to invest in SEO, and whether SEO still works. Yes, it does. SEO is guaranteed to pay off for any business when done right and in accordance with Search engines’ standards and policies.

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SEO refers to a number of ways in which website owners can increase their rankings on search engines such as Google. The methods used include improving site speed, targeting keywords and making websites mobile friendly. The ranking of a website on a search engine is determined by on page and off page factors, both of which can be improved to boost rankings.

Having the best ranking will most definitely increase the chances of someone clicking on your web page when they do a search for products and services that your business can offer.

Most Internet users are prone to click on web pages that appear on the first page of results after doing a search online. In fact, there are many who barely go through the entire first page of results leave alone subsequent ones. This is more proof that SEO works very well in terms of increasing traffic to your business web page since the higher your web page is ranked on a search engine, the higher the number of viewers and consequently, the more business you will get.

SEO is inevitably the best way to push your company to the very top position of rankings on search engines, and it is at the same time inexpensive, reliable and extremely effective.

SEO works best for businesses that are constantly updated about the ever changing algorithms designed by search engines to give viewers the very best results. If, for example, Google decides to be in favour of websites with black backgrounds over all others, then SEO best practices would demand that a website be changed to match that parameter. Of course, the parameters are less random to simply the colour of a website.

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This is proof also that SEO is a continuous process that requires constant alterations to keep website rankings high at all times. Needless to say, SEO guidelines that worked a few years ago may not work in more recent times that have led to the perception that SEO does not work.

Some of the most serious mistakes that will without a doubt hurt a website are keyword stuffing, lack of original content and buying links. Previously, keyword stuffing was a great way to increase website rankings. This does not work anymore since according to Google standards, the use of keywords ought to be relevant and good to read. Back when quantity mattered more than quality, it was common practice for web designers to use stolen content or repetition of content on their very own sites.

Google quickly caught up with this trend and made it unacceptable. Today focus is channelled towards solving customer problems in the best manner possible and helping visitors to make informed decisions. Another outdated practice is buying links. It was a great way to convince Google that a site was worthy, but which was also quickly done away with.

SEO does work when best practices are employed, and business owners keep themselves abreast with new developments that search engines come up with time and again. To always ensure that your site is not affected drastically by search engine algorithm updates, aim at providing quality content to your visitors.