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Google AdWords explained

If you have your own business, establishing a solid online presence is an essential part of being a success.

However, creating an impact can be difficult with so much competition vying for customers in the same marketplace.

But you don’t have to wait until your organic reach starts to climb to find yourself at the top of Google search results as there’s another solution which can help you to jump the queue: Google AdWords.

How to get seen

When a potential customer enters a search term into Google, the results bring up a list of likely matches. The higher up the list you appear, the better your chance of being seen. If your business doesn’t appear on page 2, there’s only a slim likelihood that they’ll keep looking that far.

Google AdWords provides the opportunity to boost your site, pushing you to the top of the rankings and giving you maximum possible coverage.

It’s an intelligent program so you’ll only get bumped up for the keywords that you’ve chosen. There’s some other criteria too which we’ll go on to look at now.

In more detail

Of course, you won’t receive this service for free and Google charges a fee for every time a customer clicks on your boosted advert. This is what’s known as “pay per click” or PPC.

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Therefore, it’s not enough to simply get people to visit your site, you’ll need to convert them to customers once they arrive. If you don’t manage this, the money you spend on Google AdWords will be a waste.

It’s up to you how much you want to spend on Google AdWords and you will have the chance to set a budget or “bid” for the price of each click. When a matching search term is entered, Google will look through all the possible matches and boost the one which is willing to pay the most.

However, because Google is extremely focused on quality, the amount you have bid isn’t the only factor it will consider. Your site and its content need to be spot on, and the advert you write should also be of a high standard, making sure the keyword appears in your advert is one way to bump up your quality.

More than just a promotional tool

Although Google AdWords can feature your business and make your advert appear much higher in the ratings, there’s more to it than that.

As a business owner, information is king and that’s exactly what Google AdWords can provide. Using simple pieces of code, you can track how many people make a purchase based on your AdWords campaign. This is vital information for you as it will help you decide whether your AdWords investment is working, and what kind of return you’re receiving.

Google also provides lots of useful information about potential keywords, the expected number of hits and target audiences you can home in on. If you’re not very experienced in marketing your business online, these kinds of suggestions can be invaluable in helping you narrow down your ad to create something that has the desired impact.

A worthy investment

The above guide is a very simplified overview of Google AdWords, but explains the basics of how it works. It’s a powerful tool which can cost very little comparatively and this is why it’s a popular option for many of the most successful online businesses.

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